Dear Colleagues,

We are now gladly inviting you to consider taking part in our traditional, established, 4th International conference. Each conference issue is devoted to exploring a particular aspect of the practice of teaching and research, primarily of English for Specific Purposes. This time we are into making further connections among immediately related fields to investigate possibilities of theoretical and practical overlapping, borrowing. We are interested in the current state of underlying theoretical foundations, if those have changed since the official inception of specialized languages and their rise in relevance in the foreign languages teaching area. Finally, we place equal relevance to what tentatively is called ‘general’ language, and how research into it influences the developments in specialized languages. 
In this fourth edition we are therefore proposing to widen the focus from only ESP to LSP, welcoming contributions relating to other specialized languages, and to investigations into general languages. As always, our aim is to turn our gathering into a lasting result, with most relevant publications that will follow. 
We will do our foremost to make the conference a collegial and pleasant environment for fruitful and inspiring exchange of ideas, best practices, initiatives. 
With regards,
Dr. Nadežda Stojković
President of the Organizing and Scientific Committee

Previous participants coming from:

Austria Bulgaria Croatia Russia United Kingdom Macedonia
Romania Serbia Slovenia Saudi Arabia Montenegro Spain
Turkey Algeria Hong-Kong Tunisia Poland Pakistan
India France Iran Lithuania China Czech Republic
USA Ethiopia Finland Armenia Albania Italy
Vietnam Egypt Slovakia Taiwan Belgium Mexico
Israel Bosnia and Herzegovina Canada Nigeria Grenada Libya