Key note speakers 2015

We have the honour to announce our distinguished key note speakers:

Prof. Diane D. Belcher
Professor of Applied Linguistics and Department Chair, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA.


Keynote titleRecent Development in English for Specific Purposes



This presentation will provide an overview of state-of-the-art ESP theory and practice.   How genre theory, corpus linguistics, and other recent developments are helping meet the challenges of accurate needs assessment, effective materials and methods design, and appropriate specialist knowledge for ESP instructors will be discussed.


Bio note: Diane D. Belcher, Professor of Applied Linguistics and Department Chair, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA.  Former editor of the journals English for Specific Purposes and TESOL Quarterly, Professor Belcher is currently serving as associate editor of the TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching as well as co-editor of a teacher reference series titled Michigan Series on Teaching Multilingual Writers. She has edited seven books, contributed chapters to a number of books, and published articles in the Journal of English for Academic Purposes, the Journal of Second Language Writing, the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, and other journals. Her current research interests include advanced academic literacy, language for specific purposes, cultural identity, and qualitative research methodology.

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Prof. Milena Stanković

Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Serbia


Keynote titleLanguages and Information Technologies



From one side the talk will be related to the usage of languages into modern Information technologies starting from theory of formal languages into theory of compilers and theory of automata, through modern technologies for searching, text processing and natural language processing. Some modern areas in Information technologies are related to languages as: computational linguistics, information retrieval, multimedia information retrieval, natural Language processing, machine translation, speech processing, text mining, spoken interfaces and dialogue processing, and other topics related to the analysis of unstructured information
With modern Information technologies including Web 2.0, social networks and mobile services new concepts for learning languages are provided. The second part of this talk will be related to the methods and tools based on Information technologies which are used in language learning. Some examples of tools for learning, translation and teaching will be presented starting from audio courses, computer aided learning, on line courses, learning trough interactive live conversation, dictionaries, grammars, phrase books, audio books, electronic translators, interactive games for language learning, etc.


Bio note: Prof. Milena Stanković is the head of CIIT Lab (Computational Intelligence and Information Technologies Laboratory) at the Department of Computing of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš. She finished bachelor, master and doctoral degree at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Niš in 1976, 1984 and 1988.  She is the professor of Programming Languages, Theory of Compiler, Web programming and Internet Technologies. Her research interest is in the area of usage of spectral method and Decision diagrams in representation and analysis of Boolean functions, and actually in Data and Web mining. She is the author of several publications, journal papers and conference papers. She participated in several international projects, supported by Tempus, WUS and DAAD, relating to the implementation and quality of e-learning.

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