Call for papers


The 4th edition of the traditional ESP conference of the University of Niš, Serbia, will aim at researching the foundation theory and practice of ESP and LSP, as well as rethinking the connections among those and General English linguistics, methodology, and practice. The main research topics that we invite contributions for are, but not limited to, the following:
•  current state of theory of ESP/LSP;
•  overlapping and/or distinguishing theoretical and research areas between ESP
    and LSP;
•  relationship between ESP/LSP and GE/any other ‘general’ language learning;
•  novel research in various fields within ESP/LSP/GE (English, Russian, French, 
    German, Italian, … for Engineering, Social Sciences, Economics, Medicine).
The theory of ESP was laid a few decades ago and has certainly grown and developed since. Most notable is the rise of relevance of genre analysis, critical discourse, the contribution of corpus analysis, ethnographic studies, that all expanded the notion of needs analysis. An immense body of novel theoretical stances remains scattered in dedicated journals and edited monograph publications. Yet, a coherent, all-encompassing revised or updated theory has not been proposed so far.
In preparation for the conference contribution, we invite you to consider the following questions:
•  What has changed in relation to current ESP trends since the seminal work of Hutchinson and
•  What overlapping methodologies and practices are shared between ESP and LSP fields?
•  What is the role of genre analysis, (critical) discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, applied 
•  What are current practices in formulating the relationship between a domain language and
    ‘general language’?
•  What is the position of academic and vocational sectors towards teaching specialized
•  How do the positions of ESP/LSP lecturers reflect HE policies of teaching foreign languages and 
    the response to the changes in the economic sector and its emerging requirements?
•  What are the ways LSP practitioners can enhance their positions by networking into linguistic 
•  How can material design be eased, the existing body of it more reachable and shared, and how
    can IT assist in that?
Official language of the conference is English.
Presentation formats:
•  Oral presentation of 20min, with 10min discussion time;
•  Workshops of an hour length;
•  Poster presentations.
In addition to presentations, we welcome promotion, advertising of books, language associations, dedicated language companies, announcements of forthcoming conferences, at no additional cost (other than conference fee). 
Publication opportunities:
After successful conference presentations, the authors will be approached to submit full texts of their papers for publication in The Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, indexed in the Web of Science,, and a dedicated monograph with Springer All submitted papers will be eligible for publication on condition they receive positive editorial and peer review. 
Publication costs are included in the conference fee.
Keynote Address: 
Dr. Mary Risner, Associate Director of Outreach and Business Programs at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, USA
Exploring the Boundaries of Languages for Specific Purposes in a Global Context
Overview of LSP & ESP around the world, areas of overlap, how might the two areas benefit through strategic collaboration to prepare all students with the language skills needed for personal and professional success?
Invited Talks:
Dr. Somali Gupta, V.Y.T.P.G Autonomous College Durg, Chhattisgarh, India
The Challenges of English Language Teaching in the 21st Century
David Tual, University of Cambridge, UK, and Benoit Guilbaud, University of Sussex, UK
The United Kingdom Context: when ESP is not enough
To apply for participation in the conference send an abstract of 150 words for oral/poster presentation, and 200 words for workshop proposals to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The authors will receive their abstract review results two weeks upon submission.
Conference fee (per author/attendee)
100 Euros, to include conference kit, conference gala dinner, lunch each day of the conference, excursion, and publication.
Important dates:
Call for papers will be open until March 15th, 2020.
Conference fee payment due at latest July 10th, 2020.