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Dear Colleagues,
we have the pleasure to announce the Second International Conference on Teaching English for Specific Purposes and New Language Learning Technologies, to be held at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Serbia, 22-24 May, 2015. This time we have chosen a new focus – Synergies of Language Learning.
It is our belief that this will be the next logical step following the success and the achievements of the previous conference, and more importantly, a step further. Now, we will aim at focusing on showing the complementary nature of ESP and New Language Learning Technologies. Our first and foremost focus is English for Specific Purposes as the conference will be the continuation of presentation of best practices, current research, innovative methodology, and the like of this extremely complex and demanding field of language teaching. Apparently, this second conference will have a dual nature, yet only to prove mutual interdependence, but also to explore the ways in which one is yet to influence and enhance the other field.
Last time our desire was to establish the basis, the network, the recognizable meeting point of ESP practitioners. And so we did Connect and Share. The results were substantial - a book of proceedings, a book with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, setting up of mutual projects, few Memorandums of Understanding signed between institutions, and innumerable and priceless friendships and professional bonds firmly established. Also, the Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes appeared, which, we are proud to say, immediately gained worldwide recognition. All this proved to us we are on a right track – providing the space needed for establishing, nurturing and maintaining a community of ESP practitioners and their associates.
This time again we will do our best to be good hosts, to provide adequate space and atmosphere for inspiring, challenging and provocative exchange of ideas and practices, at the same time making it relaxed and friendly, and hopefully memorable.
In hope of welcoming you here in Niš,



Nadežda Stojković

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