ESP Conference

Dear All,

the First International Conference on Teaching English for Specific Purposes is over, and is not! We had the pleasure of welcoming you here at our Faculty and in our town. Our main goal was to make you feel your efforts, both intellectual – writing and presenting your papers, and the physical – your actual traveling your way here, have been justified. Thanks to your contribution, the Conference we have just closed is certainly one of the most outstanding at our University. Thank you and congratulations to you, for this was our joint effort!
     Now we move on. We have connected. Our next step is the Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, the new edition of the University of Niš and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. That is to be a peer reviewed, three to four issue per year journal. The University of Niš already has a number of journals dedicated to all fields of sciences studied within the scope of its faculties, yet our Conference was a proof enough the field of ESP deserves a recognizable and special attention. This in itself is a major contribution towards enhancing the position of ESP. We hope and expect you will contribute for you are most welcome! It is your participation at this Conference that gave way for this Journal to be established.
     As we have been informed, numerous joint projects among the participants and their home institutions have been agreed upon, and many are on the way. And we know for sure that many friendships have been born! That is our dearest achievement.
We want this website and the Journal to be places for the exchange of scholarly work and ideas and for sharing information on current events on ESP. These should be the places where you can promote your work and achievements with colleagues and friends. So please feel free to inform us of what you would like us to post.
    Hopefully, we shall meet here, at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Serbia, in May, 2015, for the Second International Conference on Teaching English for Specific Purposes. Until then, we shall probably meet elsewhere! And we shall stay in touch and work together through our Journal and mutual projects.



Nadežda Stojković

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